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News 2015


Happy New Year to all. May it be a happy and healthy one. We’ve had a lovely Christmas with the family and the dogs – Claire and Ed now have Jeffrey, a German Shepherd, he’s only a 10 month old puppy and wants to play all the time when he’s not asleep. Owing to the breed though he’s already 3 times the size of Kip, who been an old lady now can’t understand his enthusiasm and has to keep making sure he knows who’s boss! On saying that they do get on together so long as they don’t eat each others breakfast!

This year is going to be a little quieter than last – Keith hopes – last backend we put a long awaited garage up, which is a great addition to the house because now we have a biomass boiler filling the junk/storage room up. The biomass is going great, been an old farmhouse in winter it was known to be a little cool so now its cosy like the cottages.