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News 2016


Doesn’t time move on, it’s already February. At last it looks as if it might dry up soon, what a wet winter we’ve had. Streams have been popping up in fields where you wouldn’t think possible and the lane has been a river – and we live on a hill!
At least the wildlife hasn’t suffered too much with the weather been mild. The Kites and Buzzards are shouting in the sky seemingly competing with each other and the moles are out in force with me chasing after them, before they make too much of a mess in the silage fields.

All been well and fingers crossed we are expecting a little four legged friend to come and live with us in March. She’s six weeks old this weekend and is a Golden Retriever. We are going to call her Crumble. As puppies always are, she’s adorable – never to replace Kip – but we love having a dog and I find myself talking to Keith, which is unusual as he normally hears things secondhand when I tell the dog!!