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News 2014


Ok, we’ve got ourselves a new website – what do you think? Hopefully easy to use but if you need to know anything that we may have forgotten to mention please email or phone me.

Well the big event of the summer so far was the Tour de France in Yorkshire. I think the county raised the bar for future races, the weather excelled and the Tykes really made visitors welcome – it made me proud of God’s own county.

As for ourselves, we’ve been busy. Down to see Claire in Surrey (yes the paint brush went too) then we went to Peru, to Machu Picchu and lots of other places including Iguassu Falls in Brazil – something else! Lastly to see Vicki in her new flat in London (no paint brush just the tool box – fun on the underground).

Now he tells me he has to do some work. Really!


I remember buying our first house before we got the farm, it was a small semi-detached on a housing estate in Knaresborough – and we loved it and now Claire and Ed have just bought their first house. Where does time go? The only problem with theirs is it’s in Surrey! I know I know, the only thing really wrong with Surrey that’s it’s a long way from North Yorkshire but I suppose at least it’s in this country! We’re looking forward to visiting them – with paint brushes in hand – soon.